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Laravel and Heroku or Dokku Buildpacks Order with Tailwind CSS


For most of my side projects I use either Dokku or sometimes Heroku. Heroku is nice for a quick POC, but quickly becomes too expensive. Dokku is great to run on a $5 VPS along with your database, cache, queue, and whatever else you need.

At any rate, I'm using the both excellent Tailwind and laravel-livewire-tables. The configuration of laravel-livewire-tables, which uses Tailwind by default, requires that you tell Tailwind v3 not to purge classes for the tables by setting your tailwind.config.js content section like this.

module.exports = {
content: [

Perfect, I've done this before and that makes sense.

As I get my project up and running, this works fine locally both when building for dev and production, but when I deploy with Dokku to my staging server, the classes for laravel-livewire-tables are getting purged. Why does this work locally but not when I deploy with Dokku?

After what is probably an embarassingly long amount of time debugging, I finally realized.

My .buildpacks file.

See it?

Based upon the order of my buildpacks, Dokku is running the Node.js buildpack first before the php buildpack. That means that when my deployment process is running npm run build, the directory that contains the laravel-livewire-tables Blade templates isn't even there yet! I need to run the php buildpack first so those dependencies are installed before running npm run build, otherwise there are no templates there to reference. 🤦

So, if you have encountered a case where you're deploying to Heroku or Dokku and Tailwind seemingly is purging vendor styles that it shouldn't, make sure you're installing those dependencies first!