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Introducing Grape API Boilerplate


For reasons not quite known to me, I've always wanted to learn more about Ruby. While I'm a big Python fan, and that certainly covers my interpreted language needs, Ruby has always been in the back of my mind as something that I wanted to know.

A few weeks ago I started playing around with all of the Slack related repos in the slack-ruby GitHub organization. I was interested in making a Slack bot and learning Ruby and this turned out to be a great place to do both.

Fast forward a bit and I got very interested in the Grape framework on which all of the bots in the organization are based upon. I opened up a few PRs in ruby-grape and was off to the races.

There are a few basic Grape boilerplates, but I wanted to add a more full-featured one to the mix so, created grape-api-boilerplate.

The boilerplate already has many features with more planned.

Contributions always welcome! Enjoy!